10 Washington St., Ipswich

10 Washington St., the Mary Holmes – Captain John Lord house (b. 1770)

Captain John Lord house, 10 Washington St. The house was constructed before 1770 on N. Main St., and was moved to this location in 1860 by Michael Ready (Deed 607:206). The second floor was probably added at that time. The Isaac Flitchner house at 45 North Main Street sits on the former location of the Captain John Lord house.

Thomas Franklin Waters recorded the history of the house:

The executors of Mary Holland, widow of Joseph, sold the property to Dr. Francis Holmes, Jan. 31, 1755 (106: 98). After the death of Dr. Holmes, the estate was divided by order of the Probate Court. The homestead or a two-thirds interest was set off to his son, John. The widow had a right of dower in another house, which had been built where Mr. Sayward’s house now stands.

Mary Holmes, widow of Dr. Holmes, sold her equity in the house she occupied to her son, John, March 11, 1779 (157: 214). He transferred it to Anna Dodge, April 30, 1794 (158: 133). Manning Dodge sold it, with land, to John How Boardman, Jan. 8, 1827 (243: 252). He sold it to Manning Dodge again, Aug. 25, 1832, who transferred it to Capt. John Lord 3d, on the same day (264: 266). It was purchased later by Dr. Isaac Flichtner, who built the house now occupied by Mr. Sayward, in 1859-60. G. F. Flichtner bought the interest of the other heirs, April, 1880 (1035: 60), and sold to Mr. Charles A. Sayward in 1881 (1051: 124). The old house was moved to Washington street, and is owned by the heirs of the late Michael Ready.

The 1910 Ipswich map confirms that the house was owned by “M. Reddy.”

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