10 Woods Lane, the Edward and Eliza Plouff house (1837)

Sanford Peatfield sold this lot to Eliza Plouff, wife of Edward Plouff, Feb 4, 1837 (296:291). Mr. Plouff built a house and sold house and land to Robert Jordan in 1849. William Grant acquired the property in 1859 (594:88).

Edward Plouf purchased and operated the old Farley tannery from 1849 to 1863. Their sons John W, and Edward Plouff Jr. both were sent to the front during the Civil War.

The Plouff family are buried at the Old North Burying Ground in Ipswich.

Plouff, Carrie b-134 June 6, 1870
Plouff, Edward b-130 May 8, 1891
Plouff, Edward JR b-132 September 8, 1897
Plouff, Eliza b-129 March 20, 1887
Plouff, John W. b-131
Plouff, Martha b-132 January 25, 1920


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