10 Woods Lane, the Plouff-Grant house (1837)

Sanford Peatfield sold this lot to Eliza Plouff, wife of Edward Plouff, Feb 4, 1837 (296:291).and built the existing house. Edward Plouff purchased and operated the old Farley tannery from 1849 to 1863. Their sons John W. and Edward Plouff Jr. both were sent to the front during the Civil War. The Plouff family are buried at the Old North Burying Ground in Ipswich.

  • Plouff, Carrie b-134 June 6, 1870
  • Plouff, Edward b-130 May 8, 1891
  • Plouff, Edward JR b-132 September 8, 1897
  • Plouff, Eliza b-129 March 20, 1887
  • Plouff, John W. b-131
  • Plouff, Martha b-132 January 25, 1920

Edward Plouff sold house and land to Robert Jordan in 1849. William Grant acquired the property in 1859 (594:88).

Joshua B. Grant is shown as the owner in the 1872 map as well as the 1884 map and the 1910 map. He purchased a quarter of the former Appleton orchard which occupied the west side of Woods Lane where it turns to Turkey Shore, and divided it into lots. (A deed search at the Salem Deeds site should keep this in mind.)

In the Old Salem Scrapbook we read, “The Salem Senate, a group of elder tanners, met in Joshua B. Grant’s store, in Blubber Hollow, where he made tables and tools for tanners. Joshua, as a youth, sailed to California in 1849 to hunt for gold, returned home and for many a year kept his shop, and then retired to his farm in Ipswich where he lived to be four score and more. His clerk, Frank Wade, of such sound sense that he was called ”The Ipswich Lawyer” also retired to his farm, and the records say that at 90 he “fished, hunted and skated.”

Wikipedia: The “State Senate”, of old Blubber Hollow, was a spontaneous organization. Tanners were active members, as well as sea captains and sailor, merchants and mechanics. The headquarters of the Senate were at the tannery supply store of Joshua B. Grant, on Boston Street, in the heart of Blubber Hollow. Discussions were long and loud and on topics of the day. Business at the store continued around these lively talks. Joshua B. Grant died in 1913.

Joshua B. Grant, Ipswich
Obituary for Joshua B. Grant in the August 6, 1913 “Boot & Lace Recorder.

The 20th Century history of this house has not yet been researched, but additional information and photos were provided by the current owners:

10 Woods Lane in the 19th Century
View of the house from the south on Woods Lane in the 19th Century. The main roof was later extended to incorporate the rear ell. The present owner provided the following information: “At some point there was an addition to the house, on the right side as you’re looking from the street, that started off with a flat tin roof. As you can see on the attached photos, the roof was then raised to make it a higher peak and a grander house. Photo courtesy of Clark Ziegler.
Early photo of 10 Woods Lane in Ipswich
View of the house from the north on Woods Lane after the roof was extended. Photo courtesy of Clark Ziegler.
Earl lot plan for 10 Woods Lane
In the 19th Century, Woods Lane was called Fruit Street. An Early lot plan for 10 Woods Lane shows the Plouff family owning the property at the rear, courtesy of Clark Ziegler.
Everett Damon Ipswich MA
“The old original roof with shake shingles was contained within our attic and when we removed it about 20 years ago we found Everett Damon had carved his name on the underside of the shingles.” Photo courtesy Clark Ziegler

Sources and further reading:

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