102 County Road, the Rowell-Homans house (c 1865)

102 County Road, the Rowell-Homans house (c 1865)

This small Colonial style house at 102 County Rd. in Ipswich was built about 1840 on 1.5 acres between Saltonstall Brook and the current Ipswich DPW property. The land was originally part of a 14 acre land grant given to Richard Saltonstall, known for having created the first mill on the Ipswich River, and for being a strong opponent of slavery.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote a history of the lot:

The pasture lot, originally owned by Daniel Rogers, extended nearly to the corner of the Essex Road. It was known as the Gravel Pit Pasture, and contained twenty acres. Asa Baker acquired the land, and in the distribution of his estate, ten acre lots were set off to Dorcas Brown and Polly, the wife of Michael Brown. After Michael Brown’s death, the widow Polly sold to Ira Worcester, twenty acres and the new dwelling and barn, reserving to the Town right to dig gravel, April 23, 1841 (324: 95). This pit was sold to Worcester by the Town, Aug. 9, 1854 (509: 293). A brick powder house was constructed on the estate by the Town in 1792. Ira Worcester sold Jane Rowell, the half acre lot on which she built a dwelling, now owned by Mr. Homans, Aug. 31, 1865, reserving right to the Town to keep the Powder house. April 18, 1871 (821: 150).

The 1910 Ipswich map shows the owner as H. Homans.

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