Caleb Kimball "house with orange shutters"

106 High St. the Caleb Kimball house (1715)

The Caleb Kimball house, or the“House with Orange Shutters” as it is commonly known, is at 106 High Street in Ipswich and was built between 1690 and 1715 (1st period) The orange shutters have become a long tradition.

Caleb Kimball (1) was born in 1639 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. His parents were Richard Kimball and Ursula Scott. He was a farmer.

He married Anna Hazeltine on November 7, 1660. Anna was born April 1, 1640, the daughter of Robert and Ann Hazeltine of Rowley. Anna’s sister, Mercy married Caleb’s brother, Benjamin Kimball.

Caleb Kimball (1) bought this land from Richard Kimball in 1665 (4:257). The house resembles the John Kimball house beside it which was built around 1715 on a portion of the lot originally purchased by Caleb Kimball. It is likely that “The House with Orange Shutters” was erected about the same time, for Caleb Kimball (2), son of the 1665 purchaser.

The owner has maintained the left inside as a First Period home, with exposed beams and a large fireplace. The right inside was updated with Georgian features, plaster ceilings and a Rumford fireplace.

A few years ago the sills on this First Period house had rotted to the extent that the structure was leaning forward and in danger of collapse; leaning forward 8” at the top created a devastating angle for the front wall. Over the years, beams had rotted and braces had been cut, further weakening the frame. Woodwright James Whidden jacked up the house, and repaired the sills, posts and girts. Whidden referred to this as the “A. Kimball house,” but the name is unknown. Whidden’s recent death at the age of 49 is a great loss to the town of Ipswich.

The House with Orange Shutters has been chosen as the 2013 recipient of the Mary Conley Award for Historic Preservation by the Ipswich Historical Commission. View MACRIS.

Before the house was jacked up in the front, and the sills repaired.
Before the house was jacked up in the front, and the sills repaired.
Ipswich House with Orange Shutters
The House with Orange Shutters in the 20th Century


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