112 High Street, Timothy Ross house, 1840

When the High Street bridge was constructed in the early 20th Century, the road curved in order to preserve the row of houses on a short street west of the bridge, which is the original High Street. The Town of Ipswich Patriot Properties site shows the date of construction of 112 High Street as 1770, but Ipswich Historical Society records indicate that it was built in 1840.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote about this lot in his book, Ipswich Village and the Old Rowley Road (published 1914 by the Ipswich Historical Society)

“William Gould bought the property, July 10, 1826 (242:64) and sold half the house and part of the land to Timothy Ross, July 13, 1832, who acquired the remainder from Joseph Wait, Dec. 3, 1838 (310:113).

When the Eastern Railroad was built in 1840, Mr. Ross was building a new house on the opposite side of the street still known as the “Ross house,” and conveyed part of his land to the Railroad Co. June 20, 1840 (320:27). He sold his former dwelling to Ebenezer Kimball, June 30, 1840 (320:59), and it came through several owners to Asa Lord, April 22, 1880 (1036:108), whose son, Thomas H. Lord inherited. The age of the present house is uncertain, but it appears to be comparatively modern.

A part of the lot was acquired by the widow Elizabeth Fellows, Jan. 21, 1850 (423:101). She built a dwelling and bequeathed it to her daughters, Anna Haraden and Lucy Lane, July 27, 1858. (Pro. Rec. 420:227.) Lucy Lane conveyed to Almira L. Shattuck, wife of Milton B., Oct. 25, 1859, (599:165) and her daughter, wife of Nathaniel Burnham, still owns. The building of the bridge over the railroad a few years ago, with the elevation of the highway, has obliterated the original house lots, and occasioned the removal of several of the dwellings from their original locations.”

High Street bridge, Ipswich MA, early 20th Century
Early 20th Century photo of the High Street Bridge. High Street originally went straight, but a short section was bypassed and cut in half by the tracks after the bridge was constructed.
The 1856 Ipswich village map shows T. Ross at or near the current 112 High Street (upper left corner)
1896 photo of High Street looking north was taken the year that trolleys arrived in Ipswich, before the bridge was built over the railway
This 1896 photo of High Street looking north was taken the year that trolleys arrived in Ipswich, before the bridge was built over the railway. The Timothy Ross house at 112 High Street is the first one on the left.

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