114 High St., Ipswich MA

114 High Street, the Tibbets-Fowler house (1860)

The house was built by Henry and Mary J.L. Tibbetts between 1860 and 1864. John J. Fowler was the owner from 1864 until after 1914. In 1906 the High St. bridge was constructed which isolated this section of High St. from the rest of the roadway.

This is a late example of the story-and-one-third Greek Revival cottage. The frontispiece with tall proportions and window hoods with brackets are indicative of the 1860 building date.

High Street at Town Farm Road, before the bridge was built (photo by Edward L. Darling)


  • MACRIS, recorded by Anne Grady for the Ipswich Historical Commission
  • Waters, Thomas Franklin. “Ipswich Village and the Old Rowley Road.”
  • 1910 Ipswich map

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