12 Liberty St.

12 Liberty St., Charles Brown house (c 1890)

Charles Brown house, 12 Liberty St. was built between 1884 and 1902. The earliest Identified owner is Charles E. Brown, proprietor who owned the house by 1910. Brown and his son .Walter 6. Brown, operated a brick manufactory and contracting company (Charles E. Brown & Son) that was located on Locust Road at the turn of the century and later on Mitchells Road. In 1916 there were several people living here, including William and Laura Wright, Mrs. Rebecca Leeman, and Joseph and Clara Jenest. William Wright is listed is town directories as a driver and Joseph Jenest as a mill operative. By 1924 this house was occupied by Carleton H. Crafts and his wife Ethel. Crafts was in the insurance business.