12 Woods Lane, IPswich

12 Woods Lane, the Joshua B. Grant house (before 1878)

by Mariana Ovnic

On February 4, 1837, Sanford Peatfield sold his lot to Eliza, wife of Edward Plouff. The Plouffs built a house and occupied the site until April 7, 1849, when it was sold to Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan, in turn, sold it to Asa Kinsman 9 years later, on April 14, 1858. On September 13, 1859, the plot was sold to William Grant. William Grant died of consumption only 4 months after the purchase, on January 22, 1860. The house and land then passed to his nephew Joshua B. Grant, who owned the property for 53 years.

The house and barn are not shown in the 1872 Ipswich map. A hand-drawn survey from 1878 names Joshua B. Grant as the owner and depicts both the house and barn. The house is shown in the 1884 Ipswich map with Joshua B. Grant as the owner.

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