13 Mount Pleasant Avenue

13 Mount Pleasant Avenue, the Mary Nugent house (1874)

This house is probably the oldest on Mount Pleasant Avenue, but its early history is uncertain. Exterior structural details including the roof ridge and pitch, and unbalanced facade suggest that it may have originally been a half house that was extended, and may have been moved to this location in 1874 and placed on the present brick foundation. The 1872 Ipswich map shows no house at this location but the 1884 map shows a house owned by Mary Nugent, who had purchased the lot from descendants of an undetermined owner.

The 1893 Ipswich Birdseye Map shows this as the last house on Mount Pleasant Avenue, with the rest of the hillside as undeveloped farmland. Further research may reveal some historic elements in the framing, but the interior fabric of the building is completely modernized

The short-lived Brown Stocking Mill Company was in possession of the property by 1910. By 1916 the house was occupied by Cyprian Doiron, a laborer, and Edith Bernard, a mill operative. By 1924 the house was occupied by Joseph and Marion Boucher and Octave and Josephine Gallant. Both Boucher and Gallant were carpenters.

Deed search and sources:

  • Israel K. Jewett, William Brown and John Cogswell, representing family members, transferred to Mary Nugent, widow in consideration of $350.00, “a certain piece of land…assigning all rights of dower and homestead”, April 16, 1874 (book 910 , page 300)
  • Mary Nugent, widow or wife of Sylvester Nugent transferred the lot and the buildings thereon back to Daniel P. Nourse May 5, 1883 (book 1109, page 077)
  • (Daniel P. Nourse died July 31, 1884, aged 76) Born in 1808, he was the son of Daniel Nourse Jr. and Hannah Jewett of Rowley.
  • Christine Beard, writing for the Ipswich Historical Commission, 1990 (MACRIS)
1884 map of Mount Pleasant Avenue in Ipswich
1884 map of Mount Pleasant Avenue in Ipswich