13 Summer Street, the Kinsman-Clark house (c 1780)

13 Summer Street, the Kinsman- Clark house (c 1780)

This house sits between 11 Summer Street, the Nathaniel Hovey house (1718) and 15 Summer Street, the Jonathan Pulcifer house (1718). It appears on the 1832 map as the Kinsman house, and dates to the ownership of Nathaniel Kinsman (1747-1807), suggesting that it was constructed in the fourth quarter of the 18th Century after Nathaniel Kinsman married his first wife in 1772.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote the history of this house in 1905:

  • Robert Dutch died, and a section of the Dutch lot on Annable ‘s Lane was sold to Jonathan Pulcifer, Nov. 7, 1724 (44: 57).
  • Nathaniel Hovey purchased a lot about half way up the lane (Summer St.) Nov. 5, 1718. Hovey enlarged his lot by the purchase of eleven square rods from Alexander Lovell in 1739 (88: 277).
  • It was owned by Capt. Nathaniel Kinsman, (1747-1807) and by his son Capt. John Choate Kinsman, born 1789. (see 1832 Ipswich map). He was a shipmaster for thirty years, then moved to Salem in August, 1838.

Kinsman ownership

From the Publications of the Ipswich Historical Society

  • “Nathaniel Kinsman, baptized March 20, 1747 married first Priscilla Treadwell March 12, 1772, who died January 9, 1786 and second Elizabeth Choate Dec. 31, 1786 who died July 18, 1834. Capt Nathaniel died July 1, 1807. His dwelling was on Summer St. now owned by Mrs. Philip E. Clarke. Children by the second marriage: Cohn Choate, Elizabeth, Martha and Mary.”
  • “John Choate Kinsman, born July 5, 1789 married Anna Lord daughter of Nathaniel and Lucy Smith Lord May 10, 1810. He was a shipmaster in early life and his family occupied the homestead on Summer St. now owned by Mrs Philip E Clarke. He removed to Salem later.”

The Kinsman Family history provides the following information:

  • Nathaniel Kinsman son of Pelatiah and Jane, born in Ipswich; baptized there March 20, 1747; married Priscilla Treadwell, March 12, 1772. She was baptized in Ipswich, March 5, 1748, the daughter of John and Priscilla (Burnham) Treadwell, and died Jan. 10, 1785. He married, second, Elizabeth Choate, Dec. 31, 1786. She died July 18, 1834, aged 77. He was a farmer of Ipswich, and died June 30, 1807.
  • John Choate Kinsman, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (p. 84), born in Ipswich, July 5, 1789; baptized there Sept. 6, 1789; married Anna Lord, the daughter of Nathaniel and Lucy (Smith) Lord, of Ipswich. He was a shipmaster for thirty years, his family residing in Ipswich; removed to Salem in August, 1838, and engaged in business in Boston.

Clark ownership

  • Capt. John Choate Kinsman sold the house and land to Warren Nourse, April 7, 1846 (366: 77), who sold half of it to Anna Newton, wife of Aldred Newton, April 18, 1846 (369: 127).
  • Daniel Clark bought one-half the house from Asahel H. Wildes, April 24, 1850 (471: 256).
  • Mary P., wife of Daniel, acquired the other half, Feb. 13, 1878 (993: 4.) It is now owned by Mrs. Philip E. Clarke.”

Advertisement for Phillip E. Clark, Undertaker in the Agawam Maual and Directory, 1888


The 1896 Directory of the Town of Ipswich lists Phillip E. Clark, undertaker on Summer St., with his home on Highland Avenue.