14 Summer St., Ipswich MA

14 Summer St., the Isaiah Rogers house (c 1870)

This house does not appear in the 1856 Ipswich map, but is shown in the 1872 Ipswich map, owned by Isaiah Rogers.

All we know about Isaiah Rogers is that he was a farmer, a member of the Essex Agricultural Society, and that he and Isaiah A. Rogers also owned the house at 8 Newmarch St. during the same period. The 1910 Ipswich map shows the owner of 8 Newmarch as Mrs. I. A. Rogers. The relationship between the two men has not yet been determined.

On October 19, 1886 (recorded Sept. 15, 1905), an unusual transfer of the propery occurred. Margaret B. Johnson, Isaiah A. Rogers, Sarah B. Rogers, Charlotte W. Rogers, Elizabeth G. Illsey, Elizabeth H. Wait, Luther Wait, Mary Scanks, Jacob Scanks and Lucy S. Lord of Ipswich, along with several couples from other Massachusetts towns sold to Sara Fellows Lord, Book 1793, page 228, the house on Summer Street by land of Treadwell and Webber, continuing to land of Elmira Porter, for $1200.00, which can be identified by maps as being 14 Summer St.

On August 22, 1905, Sarah Fellows Lord sold to E. H. Stanwood, Book 1793, page 230 the same property for $1200.00.

Notes for 16 Summer St.

(From the Ipswich Vital Records: James Quimby, age. 29, a trader, was born in Sandwich, NH, and married Elizabeth S. Treadwell, age 26, daughter of William and Welcome Treadwell, Feb. 22, 1849.) Quimby, built the house at 16 Summer St., which was bought by James N. Webber. (Waters, Vol. 1). That house first appears in the 1856 Ipswich map. Quimby died in 185.

Locations of their graves are from the book Memento Mori:

  • G — 151 — Elizabeth S. Treadwell) Quimby, wife of James Quimby, born March 14, 1822 ; Passed away Nov. 10, 1880. “She made all around her, happy.”
  • G — 152 — My Husband, James Quimby, died Dec. 9, 1856, aged 38 yrs. 7 mos.


1856 Ipswich map of Summer St.
1872 Ipswich map of Summer St.
1884 Ipswich map of Summer St.
1910 Ipswich map of Summer St.