15 East Street, Ipswich MA

15 East Street: Dawson’s Bakery; James and Louise Glover house (c 1870)

The house at #15 East Street may have been a small shop before it was converted to residences.  The 1872 map shows the building at this location as “Dawson Bakery.” Deeds show that the house at #21 East Street was #17 before houses were renumbered for the 911 system. We have tentatively identified #21 as the Russell house, as shown in the 1910 map, and #15 is owned at that time by J. S. Glover.

There are no houses at this location in the 1832 Ipswich map.

1856 map of Ipswich

On the 1856 map there is one building. The #13 is not the street address, but refers to the index on the mapwhere it’s labeled “I. Dodge Shoe Shop.” The location at the curve in the street suggests that this is today’s #13 East Street.

1872 map of Ipswich
1872 Ipswich map

By the time of the 1872 map, there are several buildings. The small lots are indexed #8, “Mrs. Goldtwait” and next to it is #9, “Dawson Bakery,” (which we believe is today’s 15 East Street. #10 is “G. Russell” which has been identified as today’s 21 East Street. (These are indexes on the map and do not refer to street addresses).

1884 map of Ipswich
The 1884 Ipswich map shows a manufacturing business (marked in red) behind a building market with an X, which refers to a non-residential building such as a barn. The lot lines suggest that they are part of the J.C. Smith property.
1910 map of Ipswich
The 1910 Ipswich map shows the house at #15 belonging to J. S. Glover, with a utility building behind it.

In the 1910 map, the street addresses are given. #13 is “F. Lord”, and and #15 is “J. S. Glover.” It appears that #15 East St. had the same street address then as now.

The 1884 map shows #15 as a building, but not a residence, and it has a small shop in the back, as indicated in red. #15 may have been a store or a shop, and may have been moved to this location.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote about the lots with the four small houses along the south side of East Street before County Street.

  • “John Annable sold the homestead of his father to Francis Wainwright, a house and two and three quarters acres, bounded by the highways on three sides, and on the south, the heirs of Richard Dutch, 1702 (16 : 36). The Dutch ownership, as we shall see, comprised the land now owned by Dr. Russell, the heirs of Ignatius Dodge, James N. Webber and John W. Nourse. Wainwright owned the rest of the square, including the lot granted to Rev. John Norton.
  • The corner lot on East and County Sts. was conveyed by Benjamin Dutch to George Robbins or “Roberds”, mariner. The deed recites that it was the mansion and homestead of his father, John Dutch, with one and a half acres. It was bounded by the Wainwright land and Thomas Dennis, Nov. 8, 1706 (18: 212).
  • Robbins or Roberds sold a quarter acre to John Staniford, Jan. 18, 1713 (29: 156). Staniford, or his heirs, acquired more of the original lot.
  • Jeremiah Staniford bequeathed it to sons Jeremiah and Ebenezer.
  • Ebenezer conveyed his part to Mary Dennis, Feb. 17, 1813 (201: 118)
  • The Dennis heirs to Ignatius Dodge (who may already owned a portion of land on East St. by inheritance from the Day-Dodge home on the corner of North Main and East Streets. The house at #13 East Street appears to be owned by Ignatius Dodge, as shown in the 1956 map.
  • Ignatius Dodge sold to Joseph Ross, a lot, bounded by Maynard Russell on the northwest and Frederic Willcomb, southeast, May 6, 1863 (651 : 32). It was owned later by Abigail H. Sweet (658: 45) and William Dawson (722: 14) who sold to John S. Glover.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote about the store belonging to A. D. Waite, seen in the 1832 map, which sat at the location of the driveway to the Ipswich Inn at 2 East Street, on a small lot, 35′ on High St., and 40′ deep. The building was moved and converted into a house by a “recent owner” (before 1890). (see link). The size of the building and the time frame warrant further investigation to determine if it may be the house now at #15 or #21 East Street, but this is purely speculative.

There are three J. S. Glovers buried at the Old South Cemetery. The 1896 Directory of the Town of Ipswich shows James S. Glover on East Street, with his wife Louise Glover, a teacher at the Candlewood School.

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