16 Summer St., Ipswich MA

16 Summer Street, the Treadwell house (1852)

Thomas Franklin Waters recorded that Benjamin Sweet owned the large Benjamin Dutch lot at the corner of Summer and County Streets, and sold a 3/4 acre lot out of his estate to Capt. Charles Smith, Sept. 14, 1793 (157: 64).The estate came to Mrs. Eliza Treadwell, who sold it to William Treadwell, Sept. 23, 1851 (452: 58). The house is shown n the 1856 map. William Treadwell’s daughter Elizabeth, married James Quimby, although William Treadwell had ownership. Quimby died in 1856. William Treadwell sold the lower half of the house, and it appears that his daughter continued to live in the upper half until her death in 1880. The house was purchased by James N. Webber after her death, and is shown as the owner in the 1884 map.

Ipswich Vital Records inform us that James Quimby, age. 29, a trader, was born in Sandwich, NH, and married Elizabeth S. Treadwell, age 26, daughter of William and Welcome Treadwell, Feb. 22, 1849.) The house first appears in the 1856 Ipswich map, the year that Quimby died at 38 years of age. His wife Elizabeth S. (Treadwell) Quimby was born March 14, 1822, and died on Nov. 10, 1880. The house was was bought by James N. Webber, who is shown as the owner in the 1884 and 1910 maps.

Summer Street, photo by Edward Darling
The house at 16 Summer Street is in the distance of this photo taken from the driveway between 17 and 19 Summer Street. Photo courtesy of the Ipswich Museum.
This is another photo taken from the same location as the above. Behind the young man is 16 Summer Street.
The home of George Lewis Grant, 16 Summer St., 1969. Photo courtesy of Barbara Daugherty, who wrote, “My father, Joseph Walter Daugherty, Jr. (b: 1944, Ipswich) was the son of Barbara May Grant (maiden name B. 1923, Ipswich). Family lore says that my father was raised in the Grant family house by his mother Barbara while she took care of her father George Lewis Grant, who was married to Hazel Goldie Holland. My father gave me these photos of his Grant family house, which was at 16 Summer St. (The photos were developed September 1969).


1856 Ipswich map of Summer St.
The 1872 Ipswich map of Summer St. shows it owned by William Treadwell
1884 Ipswich map of Summer St., showing the owner as Webber
1910 Ipswich map of Summer St. shows the owner as Webber

Deeds and Sources

  • Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony Vol. 1, by Thomas Franklin Waters, Vol. 1).
  • Salem Deeds book 45, page 58: Eliza Treadwell to William Treadwell, a lot without a house, September 23, 1851
  • Salem Deeds book 470, page 101: William Treadwell to William T. Treadwell, December 16, 1852
  • Salem Deeds book 544, page 31: William Treadwell to Lucy Jane Jones, widow, undivided half of a certain parcel of land together with the lower part of the dwelling house. Jan. 5, 1857
  • Salem Deeds Book 708, page 42: Stillman H. Chandler e ux to James Nason Webber, Aug 3, 1866, a lot on Summer St. by land of Elizabeth Treadwell, thence to land of Nathaniel Treadwell, “together with the lower part of the dwelling house standing on said land, with a right of passing up and down the stairs to and from the same, and one undivided half of the cellar…being the same which was conveyed to said Lucy Jane Chandler by a deed from William T. Treadwell, recorded in the registry of deeds book 544, page 31.”
  • Salem Deeds book 1898, page 495: Mortgage by Ipswich Savings bank to James N. and Clara L. Webber (last of 8 mortgages between 1896 and 1907, discharged)
  • Salem Deeds book 3319, page 252: Florence E. Webber (widow) to George L. Grant and Hazel G. Grant, husband and wife, November 18, 1942
  • Probate estate of George L. Grant, Registry of Probate, Docket No 276, 208. notes that Hazel G. Grant predeceased George L. Grant
  • Salem Deeds book 5236 page 502: Estate of George L. Grant to B. M. Daugherty, October 19, 1964.

1 thought on “16 Summer Street, the Treadwell house (1852)”

  1. I owned that property for 18 years. I sold it in February 2006. I loved my home and I miss it! I raised my 2 children there.

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