The Lummus house, 166 Linebrook Rd.

166 Linebrook Road, the William Lummus house (before 1832)

William Lummus had a house here in 1832, and across the street was the Abram Lummus house at the present Kozeneski farm. The present house at 166 Linebrook and the front part of the ancient Kozeneski barn seem to have been built by the Lummus family. The house is a single story low saltbox with a stone and concrete foundation. The 1910 Ipswich map shows this houseowned by A. Lummus.

Linebrook Road 1832 showing the Lummus houses

From the Salem Deeds site, we find the following:

  • Abram Jr. transferred 5 1/2 acres on Linebrook to Frank Lummus in 1912.
  • In 1935 Abraham Lummus sold property on Linebrook Rd. to James P. McCormack.
  • Nathan Adelman bought this property from John R. Morris in 1937.
  • Clarence H. Trask bought the property with this house standing from Nathan Adelman et ux in 1940.

The current owner is Janet Trask, who inherited it from her mother Theresa Trask in 1999.

166 Linebrook Road, the William Lummus house (before 1832)
Kozeneski  barn
Inside the barn that stood across Linebrook Rd. at the Kozeneski property. The timbers and siding were taken apart and removed in 2018.