176 Argilla Rd., “Thatchbanks” (1912)

176 Argilla Rd., Ipswich

176 Argilla Rd.

The Asa Smith portion of the Tilton-Smith farms was later owned by John A Burnham, who sold to Augustine Neal Rantoul. Mr. and Mrs. Rantoul built their large and solid brick house “Thatchbanks” at 176 Argilla Rd. on the southwest side of Goodale pond in 1912 on land purchased from John August Burnham. There was already a farm house and barn on the property. Mr. Rantoul was a partner in the well-known Boston architectural firm Andrews, Jaques & Rantoul; his English wife, Charlotte was renowned both for her cultured manner and for her fashionable dress. The Rantouls had three children, Robert, Talbot and Charlotte Maud.

The Rantoul house on Argilla Rd.
“Thatch banks,” the Rantoul mansion at 126 Argilla Rd.
Inside the Rantoul house on Argilla Rd.


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