178 Argilla Road, Ipswich MAThomas Wells began acquiring land near Heartbreak Road in 1644, and his two sons extended the holdings along Argilla Road. Part of the Wells farm was sold by Nathaniel Wells in 1809 to Oliver Cogswell, who built this dwelling about 1815.

The house was owned later by Mr. Alvin Story (1832-1896), and in the early 20th Century was purchased and occupied by Dr. Joseph L. Goodale of Boston, who improved the plain farm dwelling into an attractive summer home. *Source: Waters, Thomas Franklin, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Vol. 2, page 733.

In 1914, Joseph L. Goodale, Augustus Rantoul and Richard Crane Jr. petitioned the state and won approval to dam Treadwell’s Creek to create Rantoul Pond, which is directly behind this house.  Dr. Goodale planted an orchard at what is now Russell Orchards in 1920 for his son. The orchard thrived and was successful commercially.