197 County Rd., the Tuckerman house

197 County Rd.,”Applegate” (1875)

There were two Tuckerman-Appleton marriages in the 19th Century. “Applegate,”  was owned by Ruth Appleton Tuckerman and her husband, Charles. Four houses were built along the north side of Waldingfield Road by grandchildren of Gen. James Appleton.

  • “Waldingfield” was built by Randolph Morgan Appleton. The mansion was attached to the ancient Samuel Appleton home. Both burned in a fire, and were replaced by the current masonry mansion.
  • Sunswick,  to the west, was built by Bayard and Annie Tuckerman and is still standing.
  • “Applegate,” which now has access by a driveway at 197 County Rd., was built by Ruth Appleton Tuckerman and her husband, Charles.
  • Charles and Ruth Tuckerman moved the 18th Century homes of Oliver Appleton and Oliver Appleton Jr. to a location on their estate at 11 Waldingfield Rd. and combined them together into a home they called Applefield.