2 Jeffreys Neck Road, Ipswich MA

2 Jeffreys Neck Road, the Merrill-Kimball house (1839)

Abigail Holland sold Ezra Merrill, a mariner, 3/4 of an acre in 1839 (333:259) and he built the present house shortly thereafter. The house was conveyed to his daughter, Kate M. Kimball, upon his death in 1901 (.1633:320).  An interesting feature in this house is the presence of an oven on the second floor, indicating that cooking was done here, suggesting that it may have been an early 2 family house.


1 thought on “2 Jeffreys Neck Road, the Merrill-Kimball house (1839)”

  1. To obtain information on the lineage of Kate M. Kimball’s husband Philip E. Kimball, I would point your readers to Entry #1166 of the History of the Kimball Family in America – Volume II of the set published by the Kimball Family Association. (The KFA books are updates to the ones from Morrison & Sharples published in 1897.) Philip and his father Isaac descend from the original Richard Kimball who moved to Ipswich c1637. And I am taking this opportunity to thank Mr. Gordon Harris for all the incredible work he has contributed to the Ipswich Historical Commission’s website. Amazing!

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