2 Mill Road, the Sullivan house (c 1890)

William Warner Jr. sold a four-acre lot at what was then known as Bush Hill Corner (the newly constructed Mill Road and the road to Topsfield) to Samuel Spiller, who built a small house there in which he lived for about thirty years. In 1870, Spiller’s house and land were bought by Eugene Sullivan, who within 10 years had purchased over 70 acres of farm land extending from his house at Mill Road to the Ipswich River. The American “Four Square” was an affordable post-Victorian style house that was popular from the 1890s to the late 1930s.

Read: Sullivan’s Corner: The Last Years of the Farm by Tom Clasby

1910 Ipswich map of Mill Rd.
Screenshot from the 1910 Ipswich map shows Sullivan’s corner and his property to the Ipswich River.

Samuel Sullivan’s daughter’s daughters Kate and Nellie Sullivan were teachers in the Ipswich schools.

Kate Sullivan in front of the Manning School, where she was the Principal.
Nellie Sullivan
Nellie Sullivan (center) flanked by teachers Anne Friend (L) and Ruth Brown. Photos courtesy of Tim Clasby.

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