Captain Treadwell house, 2 Old England Road, Ipswich MA

2 Old England Road, the Captain Jabez Treadwell house (1748)

The Captain Treadwell house at 2 Old England Road was constructed in 1748, and features Georgian-era construction. Thomas Franklin Waters wrote that Captain Treadwell’s ships, “The Dolphin,” and “Hannah” sailed from the town wharves, where they loaded to Trinidad, St. Lucie, Point Petre and other West India ports.

Captain Treadwell house, 2 Old England Road, Ipswich MA

The 1910 map shows the owner as George Smith. In the 1872 map, the owner is Ephraim Fellows.

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote, “A portion of the Lieut. Simon Wood estate was sold by Moses Kimball and Ephraim Gibson, two and a quarter acres, to Jabez Treadwell Nov 17 1744 (85:205); Kimball sold an acre and a quarter more, and twenty-nine rods on the other side of the way to the pastures, to Treadwell July l, 1747 (90:124). Capt. Treadwell built a dwelling, and bequeathed house and land to his son, Daniel Treadwell, who sold to Ephraim Fellows April 9, 1814 (206 : 97). His son, Ephraim, inherited, and at his decease, it was sold to Mr. George Haskell, and transferred by him to Mr. Frank A. Stackpole.”


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