The Seating of Boys and Girls at the Ipswich Meeting House

Dec 26, 1700: To prevent the Youth from profaning ye Sabbath & misordering themselves in times of God’s Worship, it is ordered:

  • They shall sit together in ye two backside seats of each front Gallery which are ye seats appointed for them.
  • and that ye Tything Men shall take turn by two in a day to sit with them to inspect them.
  • Discountenancing of their ill manners shall be complained of to the Justices and proceeded with by them as the law directs, unless said Justices shall instead of fining of them, imprison such incorrigible persons or give them corporal punishment.
  • It is ordered that if ye maides and girls are not particularly seated, they shall sit in ye two hindermost fifth seats on ye northwest Women’s Gallery, and if they shall occupy any other place or places other than those seats yet placed, such shall pay as a fine ye sum of five shillings for each default to be recovered of them or their parents or masters as aforesaid.
  • The Committee desires that all Heads of Families would informe & warne their children & servants not to disturb themselves and the Congregation by making more noise going up and down stairs in ye time of ye Worship of God, which ill practice is very prejudicial to ye auditory as well as disturbant to serious well minded persons.

John Appleton, John Wainwright, Nehem H. Jewett, Nathaniel Knowlton, Samuel Hart, Philemon Dean, Daniel Roger, Committee for Ipswich


Ipswich In The Massachusetts Bay Colony by Thomas Franklin Waters

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