The Boardman House in Saugus

The Boardman House is at 7 Howard Street in Saugus, MA. Built in 1692 for the family of William Boardman, a joiner, Boardman House survives remarkably intact from its original construction.

With the exception of minor structural stabilization and repairs, the house remains unaltered since the early eighteenth century, providing an exceptional opportunity to view seventeenth and eighteenth-century construction techniques and finishes.

The Boardman House was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961. It is owned by Historic New England and is open to the public the first Saturday of the month, June to October.

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  1. I am a 6th g descendant of Joseph Boardman, b.Boston Dec.12 1754,to Englis father. Family history states Josephp to have 6 brothers and 4 sisters. Family. history shows Joseph a sail maker on the brig Beaver(sp)…taking part in the tea party and be captured and escaping upon attainment from courthouse and getting on a ship of Capt Tom Pendleton headed to Islesboro Me. where he settled and his heirs still reside. Was Joseph brother or cousin to the 6 Boardmans said to have marched from Saugus to Lexington in 1775?


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