Views of rooftops from downtown Ipswich, circa 1900


The photo below is a panoramic made of two views from the roof of the old Hayes Hotel at the corner of Depot Square and Hammatt Street, which had a flat-roof wing on the back. The photos were;taken several years after the 1894 fire, which;destroyed all of the previous buildings in the first block of Central Street, but before 1907 when the Tyler Block was constructed.

This is a panoramic view of Ipswich created by combining two photos taken at the same time from the roof of the former Hayes Hotel at the corner of Depot Square and Hammatt Street, between 1900 and 1907, looking toward Central Street and Town Hill.;Click to view a larger image.

The two church steeples can be seen beyond the stores on Central Street, circa 1900.

This section of the panoramic photo looks north across Hammatt Street

In the foreground are the houses and trees which were removed to construct the Hammatt Street parking lot. The Hayes Hotel was across from the old Ipswich Depot and was once a popular stop for travelers and tourists. It;was demolished after a devastating fire in the 1960’s that killed several residents.;Shown below is a street view of the Hayes Hotel.


The Hayes Hotel was at the corner of Depot Square and Hammatt Street.


This photo is from the Tyler Building rooftop, corner of Market and Central, looking toward Brown Square. The two smaller buildings in the foreground were on Wildes Court and were moved or razed to create the Hammatt Street parking lot. The larger house still stands on Wildes Court, as well as the house at 6 Hammatt Street behind it. The old Burke Heel Factory mill building is in the background, part of which is now the new Ipswich Ale facility. To its left you can see the tall grain elevator which is still standing at Tedford’s lumber. It was ;moved from its original location near town wharf.

A view of Brown’s coal yard, taken from a rooftop on Market Street. In the background you can see the old Burke Heel Factory which burned, and the former grain elevator that is still used at Tedford’s lumber yard.


Hammatt Street, looking toward Depot Square. The two round buildings were part of Brown’s coal gas facility. The building just to the right was also part of the gas company and is still standing. Above the round building you can make out the roof of the Hayes Hotel.

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