Ipswich Chronicle Report on the 250th Anniversary of the founding of Ipswich MassachusettsHistory

Ipswich Chronicle Report of the 250th Anniversary Exercises, August 16, 1884

In March 1872, Edward L Davenport and Frederick W Goodwin began publication of the Ipswich Chronicle. Several years later, I.J. Potter became the proprietor. He and his brother J. M. Potter created a chain of papers which included the Ipswich Chronicle, Amesbury Villager, Lynn Reporter, Lynn Bee and the Yankee Blade of Boston.

*Source: Municipal History of Essex County in Massachusetts, Volume 2).

The Ipswich Chronicle published a report on the 250th Anniversary of the founding of Ipswich (1634), with introductory comments by owner and publisher I. J. Potter, and illustrations by Arthur Wesley Dow and Everett S. Hubbard.

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  1. To Whomever is interested! A few months ago I wrote asking if the LinebrookRoad Farm where I spent many happy schoolvacation days in the 30s and 40s is still listedin the historical records of the Ipswich HistoricalCenter that I have never been able to visit becauseit was closed when we were in Ipswich. The information on the stories from Ipswich donot have much meaning to me except for mygrandmother and grandfather’s farm.  His namewas Charles E. Keniston and he owned the propertyfor “many” years — I would guess 30-40 years.  Itbecame a beautiful “gentleman’s” farm and I’m curiousas to whether it is listed on the historic records.                                                Sincerely,                                                Lois Keniston Penney                                               52 Missionary Road – #302                                               Cromwell, CT 06416 

    • Can you tell us approximately where the farm was located on Linebrook Rd? I find no listings for Keniston or “Linebrook Road Farm.” There are two farms still operating, Marini’s on inner Linebrook, and the former Perley farm, now Equestrian, near Linebrook church. Charles E. Keniston published a book for the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce titled, “Historic Ipswich in Two Parts.”

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