Ecclesiastical Ipswich by Agnes EdwardsHistory

Ecclesiastical Ipswich

Featured image from the book “The Romantic Shore” by Agnes Edwards, 1915. In the preface she writes,

Of all the thousands of miles of our inspiring coast-line, east and west, there is no part more rich in romance, more throbbing with legendary and historical associations than the North Shore of New England. Try to imagine the story of the early colonists; the growth of architecture and literature and religion in this country except against this background. It is impossible. So much that is of permanent value in the poetry and prose of America has its roots in this region: so many profoundly significant events of our national and social life have developed here, that no American who has not at least knocked at the door of this treasure house is properly educated in the patriotic sense! Much has been written about the North Shore, but each new comer finds a new message and yields to a spell that can never pall. –Agnes Edwards

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