Strawberry Hill and Greenwood Farm

The landscape surrounding Strawberry Hill on Jeffreys Neck Rd. invokes a time when saltwater farms were common in Ipswich, after English settlers cleared the uplands for agriculture and livestock. The farms here were owned by the Hodges, Smiths, Bakers, Heards, and eventually by the famous Ipswich painter Theodore Wendel, who died in 1932. In the 1940’s, Daniel Wendel dismantled two historic Ipswich buildings and rebuilt them in their original form on Strawberry Hill. The Wendel heirs conveyed the public areas to the town of Ipswich in 2002.

Strawberry Hill and Greenwood Farms trails, total about 3.5 miles.

Strawberry Hill and Greenwood Farms trails, total about 3.5 miles.

Across the street is Greenwood Farm and the Payne House, owned by the Trustees of Reservations. The two properties are not connected, but a very short walk on Jeffreys Neck Rd. from the Strawberry Hill parking lot takes you to the Greenwood Farm entrance. Combining the two island trails at Strawberry Hill with the circumference path at Greenwood Farm offers an easy three mile walk with a unique opportunity to experience the Great Salt Marsh.


Entering the salt marsh from the Strawberry Hill trail


Causeway to Smith’s Island


Smith’s Island


View from Smith’s Island


View from Baker’s Island


Greenwood Farm trail, and the Payne house


View from Greenwood Farm. Little Neck and Steep Hill are in the distance.

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