Many of these photos were digitally developed from original glass negatives taken by three early Ipswich photographers, Arthur Wesley DowGeorge Dexter, and Edward L. Darling.

2 thoughts on “Photos from Ipswich

  1. My mom was born in Ipswich 1921, so was her father, and me in 1946. Brockelbank is her maiden name. I love this site. She is now 94, living with me in Virginia, I would love photos or post cards to make her a memory book. Any ideas? thanks Linda Starling

    1. My mom’s family (Andrews) are from Ipswich. She also was born in 1921, in Beverly. She lives in Virginia with my sister. I am doing some research and ran across these pictures They are wonderful. She has “Choate” in her past, along with Burnham. And more of course. I am trying to find out where the American Indian came from.

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