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Images of Ipswich Bluffs

Featured image: Lithography by Edward Burrill, 1835-1913, courtesy of William Barton

The hotel at Ipswich Bluff on the southern tip of Plum Island was a favorite destination of locals in the late 19th Century, taking the steamer Carlotta from the Ipswich wharf with Capt. Nat Burnham. The Bluffs was called Stage Island originally, due to its early use of this convenient location for the drying of fish on the fish.

Tents at Ipswich Bluffs

19th Century photo of campers at Ipswich Bluffs, from the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach photography collection at the New York City Public Library Digital Collections.


Pier at Ipswich Bluffs (Stage Island)


Photo by George Dexter, labeled “Essex Bay from Ipswich Bluffs”


Pier at the Bluffs. Photo by George Dexter


The Ipswich Bluff Hotel

Hotel at Ipswich Bluff, MA



The Bluffs Hotel. Photo courtesy of Peter Sztramski


A group of ladies enjoying the shade at Ipswich Bluff Hotel

Boats and houses in an early 20th Century photo of Plum Island, near Newburyport MA The Northern End of Plum Island - Nancy Virginia Weare spent 33 years at her family’s summer camp at Plum Island. After the Parker River Wildlife Refuge was established, she moved to a home on Great Neck in Ipswich overlooking the island. In 1993, after Nancy retired, she wrote “Plum Island: The Way It Was.”
Plum Island, the Way it Was, by nancy V. Weare The Early History of Plum Island - Nancy Virginia Weare spent 33 years at her family's summer camp at Plum Island. The book is reprinted on this site with permission.

Grape Island Hotel, circa 1900, Ipswich MA 300 years on Grape Island - Grape Island was once a small but thriving community, and briefly a popular summer resort. In 1941, 3000 acres of Plum Island including Grape Island were purchased by the U.S. government to establish the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

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  1. I have 2 painting by Burrill. One of my family home in Byfield and one of the snuff mill behind my previous home in Byfield. Now live in Ipswich. Would love more info on print.


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