Lithography by Edward Burrill, 1835-1913, from Nature & on Stone, printed by Meisel Brothers,  Boston. Digital image from original print, courtesy of Bill Barton.

Pier at Ipswich Bluffs (Stage Island)
Photo by George Dexter, labeled “Essex Bay from Ipswich Bluffs”
A sundial stood at Ipswich Bluffs for about a century, believed to have been ereced by the Salt operation.
Pier at the Bluffs. Photo by George Dexter


Hotel at Ipswich Bluff, MA



4 thoughts on “View of Ipswich Bluff

  1. I have 2 painting by Burrill. One of my family home in Byfield and one of the snuff mill behind my previous home in Byfield. Now live in Ipswich. Would love more info on print.


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