1910 Ipswich Census

1910 Ipswich census and maps

The 121 handwritten 1910 Federal Census survey forms for Ipswich provide a wealth of information about the population of Ipswich during its greatest period of industrial growth, which included the arrival of hundreds of immigrants to work in the Ipswich Mills. Survey forms for Ipswich are provided through Archive.org. The lists below begin on the first page of Ipswich survey. Links to the 1910 Ipswich maps are below the census forms.

Columns are in the following order, left to right

  1. Location. The street address is in the first column, and the street name is written vertically on the far left.
  2. Name (Family name, first names
  3. Relations (head, wife, daughter, son)
  4. Personal Descriptions (gender, color age, marital status)
  5. Nativity (places of birth)
  6. Time of immigration
  7. Language spoken (English or other if unable to speak English)
  8. Occupations
  9. Education
  10. Other (deaf or dumb, etc.)

1910 Ipswich Census Survey

Use the arrows or mouse to advance to the next page of the census. (When the mouse is outside of the form, use it to scroll the page normally.) 

To get a closer view, use the zoom feature in Windows, or go to the Ipswich census survey at 13th census, 1910.

View the handwritten 1910 census forms

Selected survey sheets with streets and addresses

(In order of survey sheet. This is a general guide; streets are spread throughout the survey sheets, and are generally found on more than one sheet, but in the vicinity of other listed streets)

1910 Ipswich Maps

Follow links to Ward Maps, then click on the small square on the lower right corner of each image to view in full size.

Ipswich 1910 Plate 007 (Overview)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 008 (East of Central St.)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 009 (County Rd. to Argilla)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 010 (Essex Rd., Lakeman, Heartbreak)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 011 (Washington St., Linebrook, Pineswamp)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 012 (High St./Mitchell Rd. area)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 013 (Topsfield Rd., Mill Rd.)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 014 (Linebrook, Pine Swamp, Mile Lane)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 015 (Linebrook, Old Right Rd.)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 016 (Argilla to Crane Beach)
Ipswich 1910 Plate 017 (County and Topsfield Rd. segments)

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