View of Rowley Common woodsketch, 1839Houses

The ancient houses of Rowley, Massachusetts

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  1. John Bailey (1741-1826), son of Samuel Bailey and Jane Wyatt, and Charity Dodge (1745-1812) m. in 1768 in Rowley, MA and lived on the north side of the common with their 8 children and 2 by his first wife Sarah Lowell.


  2. Do you have any information on the original owners of the Platts Bradstreet house? I am a descendant of Humphrey Bradstreet and Moses Bradstreet and was wondering if it was owned originally by this family


    • I do know that that house at 168 Main used to be known as the Reindeer Tavern and looks quite different now than it did ten years ago due to extensive renovations and conversions to apartments. I believe the Rowley Historical Society has the original tavern sign in it’s collection at the Platts Bradstreet House, and might possibly have some old photographs showing some original (or at least older) architectural detail that was lost. It seems the updates that were done tried to mimick a different architectural era than that which survived history- makes me a bit sad to know we lost a little authenticity, but I am glad to see the building used again, as it sat vacant for as long as I can remember! Hope this helps.


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