The John Balch house Beverly MAHouses

Colonial-era houses of Beverly, Massachusetts

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  1. Hi there. I’m so excited to discover this page! Some of these homes were built by my ancestors – two of whom were 7th great uncles (John Thorndike Jr. and Paul Thorndike Jr.). The others built by relatives are the Lot Conant, John Morse, Robert Thorndike, and Nathaniel Stone homes. Could you please tell me how I could get more information about them and the homes they built? Thank you so much! Dyan

  2. I would be interested in whatever information you could supply about the Standley, George H. House, 122 Standley St, c 1670.
    Thank you,
    Gail Stanley

  3. Hello, is there any information on the William Hedrick II house located at 21 Bartlett Street, Beverly?

    Thanks in advance

    • The State Historical Commission site shows the date of construction as 1820. “The house was built on land acquired by William Herrick 2d, housewright, in 1801 and sold by him with the house upon the land in 182? to Jonathan Kilham, merchant sailor of Boston. Captain Kilham sold to Josiah Lovett who was a large shipowner of the period. In 18*19, Captain Lovett was owner of the brig CHRISTIANA which was one of the first ventures to the Gold Rush in California in 1849. The next owner was Warren Tilton, the famous- “counsellor at law” of Boston. In I869 he sold the house to Isaael Lefavour who built many of the Victorian mansions still evident around the City. In I890 George B. Foster became the owner and the house remained in his family until the present owner bought it in 1944.”

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