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Colonial-era houses of Beverly, Massachusetts

Featured image: the John Balch house by Daderot

The area of the Massachusetts that is now the town of Beverly wast settled in 1626 by Roger Conant. Originally part of Salem and the Naumkeag Territory, Beverly was set off in 1668, and incorporated as a city in 1894. This page displays the First Period, Georgian, and early Federal houses of Beverly, Massachusetts. The images, and text were provided by the Beverly Historical Commission in the 1980’s, and are online through the Massachusetts Historical Commission site (MACRIS). Photos are displayed alphabetically in order of street name, and some house numbers may have changed.

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BEV.30, Gage, Capt. William House, 13-15 Bartlett St, r 1730

BEV.32, Thompson, Jacob House, 19 Bartlett St, c 1775

BEV.16, Leech, Capt. Nathan House, 49-51 Bartlett St, 1764

BEV.181, Smith, John House, 10 Bennett St, 1789

BEV.105, Wallis, Lt. John House, 28 Bow St, 1767

BEV.1097, Williams, David House, 1 Bridle Path Ln, 1768

BEV.28, Smith, Jonathan House, 106 Cabot St, 1771

BEV.106, First Parish Church, 225 Cabot St, 1770

BEV.184, Smith, Hazadiah House, 337 Cabot St, 1686

BEV.185, Balch, John House, 448 Cabot St, 1679

BEV.270, Herrick, Col. Henry House, 454 Cabot St, 1717

BEV.462, Conant, Lot House, 457 Cabot St, r 1775

BEV.262, Fluant, John House, 27 Conant St, 1760

BEV.468, Dodge, Joshua – Hitchcock, Enos House, 53 Conant St, r 1730

BEV.469, Batchelder, Zachariah House, 61 Conant St, 1787

BEV.546, Bailey, N. House, 13 Congress St, r 1780

BEV.15, Stevens, Capt. John House, 12 Davis St, c 1750

BEV.268, 54 Dodge St, 1715

BEV.471, Scruggs, Thomas – Raymond, John House, 62-64 Dodge St, c 1654

BEV.474, Balch, Dea. Samuel House, 110 Dodge St, c 1685

BEV.261, Woodberry, Peter House, 82 Dodge St, c 1696

BEV.267, Balch, Lt. John House, 109 Dodge St, 1688

BEV.445, Beverly Grammar School, 50 Essex St, c 1716

BEV.85, Woodberry, William House, 111 Essex St, r 1680

BEV.87, Cleaves, William House, 252 Essex St, 1675

BEV.195, Livermore, William House, 271 Essex St, c 1700

BEV.64, Stone, Nathaniel House, 540 Essex St, c 1686

BEV.1, Briscoe, Capt. Robert Warehouse, 1 Front St, 1701

BEV.2, Stone, Capt. Zachariah Inn, 8-10 1/2 Front St, c 1750

BEV.3, Wallis, Maj. Israel House, 16 Front St, 1854

BEV.4, Dixey Tavern, 18-20 Front St, c 1770

BEV.5, Prince, Joanna Batchelder House, 21 Front St, c 1770
BEV.13, Batcheldar, Capt. Josiah Jr. House, 22 Front St, c 1765

BEV.6, Giles, Capt. Edmund House, 26 Front St, c 1764

BEV.7, Morgan, Capt. William House, 36 Front St, c 1779

BEV.8, Bridges, Capt. Thomas House, 38 Front St, 1789

BEV.11, Herrick House, 41 Front St, c 1791

, West Farms School, 43 Front St, 1778

BEV.9, Hill, Hugh House, 49-51 Front St, 1789

BEV.66, Thorndike, Col. Larkin House, 16-18 Hale St, 1764

BEV.108, Hale, Rev. John House, 39 Hale St, 1694

BEV.198, Ober, Ezra House, 90 Hale St, 1772

BEV.1020, 141 Hale St, r 1720

BEV.1022, 145 Hale St, r 1770
2270011156 Hale St.

BEV.785, Thorndike, John Jr. House, 182 Hale St, c 1723

BEV.202, Thorndike, Capt. John House, 184 Hale St, 1702

BEV.789, Thorndike, Paul Jr. House, 188 Hale St, c 1723

BEV.200, Thorndike, Robert House, 238 Hale St, c 1722

BEV.199, Patch, John House, 245 Hale St, c 1694

BEV.201, Patch, Priscilla House, 269 Hale St, 1734

BEV.219, Thissel, Jeffrey House, 574 Hale St, c 1668

BEV.218, Pride, Peter House, 584 Hale St, c 1723

BEV.494, Larcom, Cornelius – Dexter, F. Gordon House, 675R Hale St, r 1650

BEV.495, Haskell, William House, 680 Hale St, c 1688

BEV.499, Woodberry, Robert House, 824 Hale St, r 1700

BEV.501, Morse, John House, 1012 Hale St, r 1740

BEV.460, Green, Israel House, 4 Harris St, c 1753

BEV.720, Miller, Polly House, 107 Hart St, 1725

BEV.232, Williams, David House, 125 Hart St, 1768

BEV.67, Hull, Isaac Jr. House, 15 Hull St, 1706

BEV.444, Corning, Samuel House, 87 Hull St, c 1700

BEV.183, Dodge, William House, 10-12 Lyman St, 1723

BEV.258, Raymond, George House, 48 New Balch St, 1764

BEV.204, Woodberry, Hugh House, 48 Ober St, 1734

BEV.210, Woodberry, William House, 52 Ober St, c 1723

BEV.68, Foster, Sgt. Joseph House, 15 Railroad Ave, 1772

BEV.1093, Tuck, John House, 7 Silver Ct, 1723

BEV.254, Patch, Robert House, 1 Standley St, 1738

BEV.1096, Standley, George H. House, 122 Standley St, c 1670

BEV.394, Herrick Tavern, 56 Water St, c 1750

BEV.527, Wallis, Nathaniel House, 1 Woodbury St, c 1734

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  1. Hi there. I’m so excited to discover this page! Some of these homes were built by my ancestors – two of whom were 7th great uncles (John Thorndike Jr. and Paul Thorndike Jr.). The others built by relatives are the Lot Conant, John Morse, Robert Thorndike, and Nathaniel Stone homes. Could you please tell me how I could get more information about them and the homes they built? Thank you so much! Dyan


  2. I would be interested in whatever information you could supply about the Standley, George H. House, 122 Standley St, c 1670.
    Thank you,
    Gail Stanley


    • The State Historical Commission site shows the date of construction as 1820. “The house was built on land acquired by William Herrick 2d, housewright, in 1801 and sold by him with the house upon the land in 182? to Jonathan Kilham, merchant sailor of Boston. Captain Kilham sold to Josiah Lovett who was a large shipowner of the period. In 18*19, Captain Lovett was owner of the brig CHRISTIANA which was one of the first ventures to the Gold Rush in California in 1849. The next owner was Warren Tilton, the famous- “counsellor at law” of Boston. In I869 he sold the house to Isaael Lefavour who built many of the Victorian mansions still evident around the City. In I890 George B. Foster became the owner and the house remained in his family until the present owner bought it in 1944.”


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