Pearson-Dummer house, Rowley

A lot of history and even more character are everywhere in  1714 Pearson-Dummer home in Rowley.


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Pearson, Capt. John House, Glen St, Rowley
Year Constructed: 1714
Architectural Style(s): Colonial; Federal

The Capt. John Pearson House was built in 1714 on the old 1640 Bay Road (now Glen Street) just beyond the present Jewel Mill and the site of the First Fulling Mill in America, Capt. Pearson being a descendant of the earlier John Pearson who built the fulling mill.

It was originally a saltbox, but when it came into possession of the Dummer family along with the mills, alterations were made. In 1858, Nathaniel N. Dummer remodelled the house by raising the roof in the rear to the same height as that in front. The three shallow dormers could have been added at that time.

This fine early home has dark stained, narrow clapboards and six over six windows. The old central chimney was removed and two others built. The mill-stones at this house, are serving this generation as door-stones, and date back to the early part of the 17th century, and probably were those wrought by Holmes, dam and bridge builder at Glen Mills.

This house contains many unusual examples of early architecture, such as the panelling, cornices and the very unusual and beautiful corner cupboard, considered to be one of the finest of its kind in New England.


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