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Interesting Time To Be Alive

We are fortunate to be living through interesting times. Life seems to have an intense urgency to it now, an edgy feeling of uncertainty and doubt. Having undergone a year of blistering, enervating and sometimes tragically comical presidential political campaigning, we emerged in November with an unexpected result. Some are happy, some sad, many, like me, wearily skeptical of what comes next.

No one seems energized in a particularly positive way; but this is a qualified observation, living as I do in eastern Massachusetts, an epicenter of progressive political orthodoxy: People much wiser than I saw this all coming.

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Gavin KeenanGavin Keenan is a retired Ipswich police chief who enjoys police fiction writing, humor, social commentary and waking up each morning. His fiction has appeared in “Best New England Crime Stories 2015 – Rouge Wave” (Level Best Books) “Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides” (Oak Tree Press) and “True Blue” (St. Martins Press)

On Gavin’s blog he states,  “I try to see the lighter side of life, unless of course I’m writing about life and death. Raised to be unfailingly polite, I never disrespect others unless provoked, and then only if I’m dead sure I’m at least half right. Obviously, I spend a lot of time eating crow. I’ve found it a tasty dish.”

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