A folly and a barn

In the early 20th Century,  a small building that can best be described as a “folly” was built on Labor in Vain Road past Gould’s Creek, and an old post and beam barn was moved across the road. The salt marsh  rises almost to the rear of the barn, and the new flood plain maps indicate that both are doomed by sea level rise. Both must be moved or taken down. The owner is willing to give the structures to anyone who will pay to take them away to restore. Contact the owner, Michael Ryan,  at

View this listing at Preservation Directory


The folly on Labor in Vain

The little house is interesting, and oddly impractical. Much wider than it is deep, the rooms are only about 12′ wide, and the rear foundation sits higher on the slope behind it.


Rear exterior of outbuilding

The right side of the garage across the street appears to be an old post and beam structure that was moved to the current location.


Angled brace and corner post connected with trenails (tree nails, trunnels)


Roof and purlins with a supporting joist in the middle

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