In the winter of 2016, Robert Cronin and Bill Barton shared with me their collections of glass plate negatives taken by George Dexter (1862-1927) and Edward Darling (1874 – 1962), two of the earliest Ipswich photographers. The glass plates had been stored away for almost a century. I was able to develop the negatives into high resolution black and white photos. Jeanne Langmaid Engel’s collection of Darling negatives were donated to the Ipswich Museum, processed by David Stone. Portraits from that collection are included in this slideshow.

Photographs by George Dexter

Photographs by Edward Darling

Edward Darling photos from the Ipswich Museum collection

5 thoughts on “Portraits from Ipswich, a century ago

  1. These are amazing! Really enjoyed seeing these. I own an original hand colored photograph, View from Bayberry Hill by George Dexter. It is in its original frame. I enjoy looking at it every day. Perhaps it was used to make the postcards. It would be wonderful if the Ipswich Museum organized a show with all these wonderful photographs documenting Ipswich. I would love to view them all together. Thank you for your blog and keeping Ipswich’s history alive and well!

  2. Does the name Pearce Johnson artist familiar?? Story goes he was a street artist in Ipswich then Boston. 1940’s .

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