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  1. Why do you not have my old house I grew up in on Spofford Road as a historical house? it is a quarter mile up the road from the Adams( Crosses) house and we understood that was an Adams house as well. Rolf and Sally Peterson bought it in the 50’s and at that time it was about 150 to 200 years old?


  2. My wife’s ancestral home is the Stanley-Lake House in Topsfield. That was the second house built on that farm. She is related to most of the old familiesTown Towne,Gould, Redington, Wilde, Dorman, Perkins, Wood, Andrews etc. These old families stayed on in the border area abutting Topsfield – Boxford for many years. Topsfield was the back lots of Ipswich. Boxford was the back part of Rowley. We visited the Parson Capen House just recently.


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