Photos and stories from our archives…

Rice estate, Ipswich MA
Ann Proctor Rice
Rice estate, Ipswich
Ann Proctor Rice
Ipswich Tricentenial celebration
The Damon Building, Depot Square (by Edward Darling, circa 1900)
Tricentennial parade
Boy with horse, early photos from Ipswich Massachusetts
Whittier (by Edward Darling)
Dr. Luce Ipswich ma historic photos
Dr. Luce (by Edward Darling)
Albert Smith, Ipswich MA historic photos
Albert Smith (by Edward Darling)
Ipswich Fire Department horse-drawn engines
Ipswich Fire House
Market St.
Horse-drawn trolley
Byfield or Rowley (by Edward Darling)
Arthur H. Lord
Arthur H. Lord (by Edward Darling)
Sylvester (by Edward Darling)
Ephraim Fellows (by Edward Darling)
Chaput (by Edward Darling)
Mallard (by Edward Darling)
Foster (by Edward Darling)
Parade, Brown Square
Sanders, blacksmith (Ipswich Museum)
Fred Cronin, 1930
The South Side Store
Painting of the South Green
Charlotte Lindgren on her pony
Rice estate, Ipswich MA 251 Topsfield Road, Turner Hill (1900) - Construction on the Turner Hill mansion-house began in 1900. William G. Rantoul was the architect and traveled to England with Charles and Ann Rice to obtain ideas for their Elizabethan style home. She was killed in an equestrian accident in 1933, and he died a decade later, the estate was purchased by the La Salette Fathers. It is now a golf club and condominium development.
Appleton Farms - Isaac Appleton built the original Appleton Farms "Old House" in 1688. The Trustees of Reservations assumed responsibility for the farm in 1998, and the renovated house is now a visitor center, telling the story of the family’s history from settlers to farmers to "gentleman farmers" over the course of 371 years.
Horses and Equestrians - Photos and stories from our archives…
Nancy Astor, Hamilton MA The Amazing Life of Nancy Astor - If you look at an online map you will often see a reference to “Nancy’s Corner” at the intersection of Highland Street and Cutler Road in Hamilton. I started researching who this Nancy was and discovered an amazing story. Nancy Witcher Langhorne was the daughter of a Virginian slaveholder whose family fell into poverty after the … Continue reading The Amazing Life of Nancy Astor
Crocker Snow, aviation pioneer - When we moved to Mill Road in Ipswich we wondered why Google Maps labeled a grassy strip across the street “Snow Airport”. The property belonged to Crocker Snow, an aviation pioneer who continued to fly his 1947 single engine plane until he died in 1999 at 94 years of age. One of Snow’s first passengers … Continue reading Crocker Snow, aviation pioneer

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