The same photo of East Street about 100 years laterHouses

The “new” houses on East Street

We have been researching the identities of five small houses on East Street on the south side, between North Main and County Streets, constructed after 1856. The Google Maps screenshot below is above.

The identities of most of the houses on these pages are tentative, based on the 1856, 1872, 1884 and 1910 Ipswich maps, and information provided in Thomas Franklin Waters’ book, “Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.” Screenshots of maps and supporting information are provided on each house page.

Additional information, recollections and corrections are much appreciated. Please add your comments at the bottom of this page or the individual house pages.

15 East Street, Ipswich MA 15 East Street: Dawson’s Bakery; James and Louise Glover house (c 1870) - The house at #15 East Street may have been a small shop before it was converted to residences. The 1872 map shows the building at this location as “Dawson Bakery.”
G. Russell house, 21 East St., Ipswich MA 21 East Street, the George Russell house (c 1870) - The first known owner of this house was George Russell, (1823-1884) a mason. His parents were Daniel Russell and Mary Lakeman.
23 East Street, Ipswich MA 23 East Street (c 1860) - The Ipswich Patriot Properties site indicates that the house at 23 East Street in Ipswich was constructed in approximately 1930. The Historical Commission records show that it was constructed between 1856 and 1872, as determined by the dates on which it appears on town maps. No further information […]

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  1. We lived briefly in the upstairs apartment of 13 East Street in 1964 to approx 1967 or 1968. The family who owned the building was the Hamm family. It was originally a single family home, the upstairs had been converted to a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment. We were the Douglas family consisting of a widow and her four daughters. It was a great neighborhood to live in.

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