Wednesday Evening Lectures at the Ipswich Museum, South Main Street, Ipswich MA

Joe Carlin, photo courtesy Boston Globe

January 17th at 7:30 pm The History of the New England Tavern. Nutritionist and Culinary Historian Joe Carlin talks about the origins of “taverns” and the important role that they played in the country.

Free for museum members; $10 for non-members. Held in the Heard House of the Ipswich Museum.

(Featured header image: the Ross Tavern, which was located beide the Choate Bridge in Ipswich)

One thought on “January 17, 2018 at the Ipswich Museum: The History of the New England Tavern

  1. This is great! Is there any chance there is a book or article that goes with this? I’m all the way to New York City so I won’t be able to come to the lecture. My family came with the Winthrop fleet and has run inns and taverns ever since we came to this country. This would be a meaningful story for them to read We lived in Ipswich during the time of the first period houses — the 1600s

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