The Ipswich Town Flag

Behind the Selectmen in Meeting Room A at Town Hall are the American and Massachusetts flags, and in a frame between them is the Ipswich Town Flag. I found the history of our flag in the 1996 Ipswich Annual Town Report:

“This year, the Town Clerk’s office was involved in designing a flag for the Town of Ipswich which was requested by former Selectman Charles Wayne. Ipswich, despite its long and rich history, had never had a Town flag. The flag was designed with the assistance of engineer/ computer whiz Andy Agapow of Burleigh Avenue. The flag has a “cleaned-up,” full-color version of the Town seal on a white background with a royal blue border and fringe. The seal has been changed slightly so it is more readable from a distance.

Underneath the Town scene, in the blue water, are the large gold letters that read: “The Birthplace of American Independence – 1687.” In the border around the Town scene, are the large gold letters that read: “Ipswich Massachusetts – Incorporated 1634.”

Both individuals and community groups, (50th Anniversary Committee (WWII), Lions Club of Ipswich, Kosciusko Club, Polish Legion of American Veterans, St. Lawrence Literary Society, Roland & Diane Gallant and Inge Hardy (in memory of Capt. Arthur Hardy) donated more than $1,600 to create three flags for the Town.

From the 1996 Ipswich Town Report

One of the flags was raised in the Great Hall of the State House on June 13th. Attending the presentation were members of the WWII 50th Anniversary Committee. The flag collection in the Great Hall gallery depicts the unique characteristics and history of the state’s cities and towns. Representatives from the three Polish organizations in Town presented the flag they had donated, with a plaque, to the Board of Selectmen on July 8th. This flag is located in the Town Hall. The third flag was displayed at the Special Town Meeting on October 21st. Many thanks to Andy Agapow, Albert Ebinger and everyone who donated money for a job well done.”

The Ipswich town flag hangs wth 351 other municipal flags in the Great Hall of the Massachusetts State House.

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  1. Great history!
    I was Chair of Ipswich Historcal Commission back then.
    I sometimes forget the giving and dedicated individuals .
    Thank you for making Ipswich great.
    Donald Curiale

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