Tercentenary plaque, the Andros Rebellion Ipswich MAAndros Rebellion

The American Revolution of 1689

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  1. Hi Gordon,

    What a great clip. Thank you for clarifying the Andros episode. I was never sure just why he was ousted. Interesting how his appearance on this side of the pond was related to events during the English Revolution. Cheers for the Ipswich resistance! Also you provided excellent info on how his confiscation of land was related to the Salem Witch trials.

    Today we took a sentimental journey from Lynnfield to Ipswich and drove around Jeffery’s Neck. It was a beautiful late autumn afternoon. I believe I told you that my sister, a Notre Dame nun, lived out there for several years before moving to the order’s facility in Worcester. She died recently and we wanted to reminisce about our many treks to Ipswich. Still following your wonderful blog. Keep up your good work!


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