John Updike at Ipswich 17th Century Day in 1972

17th Century Celebrations

In the 20th Century, Ipswich celebrated its history with 17th Century Day, Olde Ipswich Days, the 300th Anniversary of the Founding of Ipswich, and the Town’s Tercentenary Celebration in 1930. Photos are from Ipswich Town Reports and courtesy of the Ipswich Historical Society, Bruce Lord, Priscilla Cushing Conger, and the late Peter Zaharis.

17th Century Days

Photo by Peter Zaharis

Three TExts from Early Ipswich, a Pageant by John Updike

John Updike in front of the Whipple House
17th Century Day Ipswich musicians
Barb Stratton shared this photo and identified the musicians as martha Bernhart, Vera Cobb, Mary Updike, Dr. Petranek, John Updike, Charles Cobb, and Dr. Potter.

John Updike
Dancing on Market St. during Olde Ipswich Week, 1972
Pillow lace making was demonstrated by Sarah McManaway, Lisa and Jeremie Keyworth. at 17th Century Day. Photo courtesy of Barbara Stratton
The South Green



Coach rides for kids at 17th Century Day


Cemonstration by “Ax Man” at 17th Century Day


In front of the 2nd Congregational Church that faced the South Green

1934 Ipswich Tricentennial Parade

Tercentenary Celebrations, 1930

Ipswich Tercentenary Celebration, 1930

Ipswich Tercentenary Celebration, 1930

Tricentennial procession to the Congregational Church
Ralph Whipple, 1930, Ipswich Tercentenary Celebration



Puritan reenactment at Tricentennial

9 thoughts on “17th Century Celebrations”

  1. Fabulous pictures. So many people came out for these type of things back in those days. Everyone participated.

  2. Wonderful pictures. The severe black and white Pilgrim costumes, however, are no longer considered historically accurate. This link is an excellent view of the up to date research about the colorful clothing was the Pilgrims and other early 17th c colonists, such as early Ipswich residents, actually wore.

  3. My sister and I are in the second photo down. Our Dad was the photographer who took the photo. 1964 I believe.

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