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Land Grants, Homes and Gravestones of the Settlers of Ipswich

A set of five maps portraying the locations of the early land grants in Ipswich was prepared by John W. Nourse, published in 1905 in the book Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony by Thomas Franklin Waters. The first lots were granted in 1633-34. As the Puritans in Massachusetts expanded their settlements, it was their policy not to admit persons to whom the town had not allocated land. It soon became the practice to admit them if they had the means to purchase land from the present inhabitants, provided that the Selectmen of the Town agreed.





Map 5 settlers of Ipswich MA

Graves and houses of the early inhabitants of Ipswich

The following photos are graves from the Old North Burial Ground in Ipswich, and houses or other places associated with those persons. A complete list of burials is in the book Memento Mori, published by the Ipswich Historical Society in 1935.









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  1. This was wonderful. We so enjoyed the house tour and the talk by the charming John Fiske last July. We have such fond memories of Ipswich. We have been at Whipple House in 17thc. clothing many times and visit Ipswich a couple times a year. We still remember the great response we got to the program we presented to the historical society there almost 10 years ago. (Sigh…If only our pockets were fuller we would buy and live in an old home in Ipswich!)
    Adam and Mary Spencer

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