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Americans Who Tell the Truth

A group of local residents is bringing Robert Shetterly’s inspiring project,  Americans Who Tell the Truth, Models of Courageous Citizenship, to Ipswich in July 2019.  The work is a collection of painted portraits and narratives that highlight the numerous contributions of ordinary and well-known citizens alike, who have affected change in the social, economic and environmental landscape of America over the past 200 years.

The Ipswich exhibit will present a non-partisan representative sample of 25 to 30 portraits selected by community groups and sponsors.
The portraits will be displayed at three locations in Ipswich, including Zumi’s
Espresso, the Ipswich Museum and True North Ale Brewery, throughout the month of
July 2019.


July 26: Poets Who Tell the Truth. Time: 7-9 pm – Hall-Haskell House. Presenter: Blaine Hebble.
An evening of truth-telling through the voice of local poets.

​July 27: Community Closing Reception. Time: 5-7pm – Hall-Haskell House.
Come join us as we reflect on the art, discourse, and artistic endeavors that
help us engage in our democracy.

July 28: What is “News” in Today’s World? Time: 7-9 pm – Boone Hall, Ascension Memorial Church.  Presenter: Helen Weatherall.  If news happens and people scroll past it, or only read the headline – is it news? Does it matter? As change continues to rock journalism and other media the repercussions impact our towns and our lives.
Join us for a roundtable discussion with journalists William Wasserman, John
Muldoon, Dan MacAlpine, Steward Lytle, and Doug Brendel to explore the state of
communication today.

Visit the Ipswich Americans Who Tell the Truth website

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