Grants for Great Marsh and Ipswich River | Ipswich Local News

Ipswich Local News: A couple of grants have been announced to help organizations improve the local environment. The Trustees of Reservations was awarded $217,931 to pursue a salt marsh restoration and climate adaption project at the Old Town Hill reservation in Newbury. The grant will allow it to expand the project from 115 acres in Newbury to include a total of 300 acres in Essex, Ipswich, and Newbury.

“The restoration project aims to fortify 300 acres of salt marsh, which over time have been compromised by historic ditching, which destroyed natural draining processes and left the area increasingly vulnerable to floods and sea-level rise,” the Trustees said in a statement announcing the grant.

A smaller grant worth $28,000 was awarded to the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) to help it improve water quality in the river.

Photo: Clammer Russell Fowler, Jr. returns to shore with his haul. He says the clam flats in the Great Marsh are the best office he’s ever worked in. In Ipswich, a commercial clamming permit costs $450, which a good digger can reportedly earn back in a day (File photo, reused with permission, by Coco McCabe -The GroundTruth Project).

Source: Grants for Great Marsh and Ipswich River | Ipswich Local News

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