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Building a schooner, the art of wooden boatbuilding

Join Essex National Heritage for a five-part series exploring the principles behind the design and construction of traditional wooden boats. Participants will have the opportunity to experience hands-on practices at several traditional boatyards within the Essex National Heritage Area. The kick-off lecture by Justin Demetri with Harold Burnham is February 29th. At Essex Shipbuilding Museum, you will:

  • Learn about the site and its history from local expert Justin Demetri
  • Fit a plank using traditional steaming methods
  • Experiment with buoyancy in the test tank
  • Learn about assembling and raising the ribs of a vessel
  • Make a trunnel (or tree nail) like the ones used to hold a vessel together

Each individual workshop session is $75 per person

Optional activities for each session will be $20 and available for purchase on-site the day of the session. Tickets to all five sessions are available for a special package price of $250.

Sign up for one or all programs at EventBrightor email or call (978)740-0444 for ticketing or for more information.

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