Evergreen Village, Rt. 1 in Ipswich

Gettin’ away on the ‘Pike

In the first half century of the automotive age, a weekend trip to the country for Boston folks often meant driving a few miles north on the Newburyport Turnpike and renting a cabin not too far from the shore. The Douglass Evergreen Village, above, was on Rt. 1 between Linebrook Road and Rt. 133 at the location of today’s Tractor Supply.

Newburyport Turnpike
The Newburyport Turnpike is today’s Rt. 1
One of the earliest motor lodges in New England was the Agawam Tourist Camp, located on County Rd., owned and by Valina Urene Porter of Danvers, which she operated with her companion, Mildred Loveys. The 19 acre parcel was purchased from the family of Wallace P. Willett and Sarah E. Willett in 1924 (Salem Deeds Bk 2605, Pg 147). The facility’s restaurant was at the front of the property. They began selling off the property in 1938, at which time houses began to be constructed on Upper River and Masconomet Roads. The lodge restaurant is now a private residence on County Rd. Photo courtesy of the late Bill George.
Thanks to Jack Rybicki of the Danvers Historical Society for this image from the June 20, 1939 Danvers Herald.
Sunnyside Cabins was on Rt. 133 near Corliss Brothers
Sunnyside Cabins was on Rt. 133 near Corliss Brothers across from the former Bruni’s. A ’57 Pontiac is parked at the cabin on the right.
In the 1950s the Whittier Motel was the town’s best motor lodge, and is still standing.

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