Old photo of the Hart House

Lucy Kimball

The following is from Historic Ipswich Vol III by Susan Howard Boice:

Lucy Kimball with her parents
Lucy Kimball with her parents circa 1900

“This is an old photo of Lucy Ardell Kimball, joined by her mother, Kate, and father, Phillip. Lucy was a descendant of the Jewett, Lord and Kimball families, who were big parts of Ipswich for more than 300 years. Phillip, Lucy’s father, was born in the 1640 Hart House in 1839, and was the son of Isaac Kimball.

This photo is courtesy of Charlene (Wynaught) Maynard, who was related to Lucy through her grandfather.

Some of you may have had Lucy Kimball or her mother as a teacher at one time. Lucy spent 45 year’s teaching, most of it in the first grade where she could start the boy or girl out right!

Lucy Kimball with one of her classes. Photo courtesy of Haley Rose Maynard.

Lucy was more than a school teacher, she was a friend to everyone. To the motherless child, she tried to give them the love and understanding that was denied to them. To the spoiled child, she meted out the discipline necessary to their well-being. One child asked, “What does God look like?” Her reply in a soft voice was “God is the spirit of all things that are beautiful.”

Miss Kimball was a graduate of the Manning High School, class of 1894. Lucy also taught at the Cogswell School on Payne Street, which was torn down, the Middleton School and for 12 years in the Swampscott schools. On her return to Ipswich, she taught at the Denison School on Meeting House Green, from which her mother had resigned 50 years before.

Dennison School Ipswich
The Denison School was at Meeting House Green between Green Street and the First Church Meetinghouse. It is named after General Daniel Denison, one of the most important leaders of early Ipswich.
Lucy Kimball at the reunion of the Manning High School class of 1894.

From 1923-1940, Lucy taught at the Payne School and retired a few months after being on the faculty of the Shatswell school in 1941. Lucy died in 1980 at the age of 105. She left the town of Ipswich with many memories.”

Charlee Wynaught adds, “Lucy Ardell Kimball was my Grandfather’s ( Cleon B. Johnson) cousin. We called her Aunt Dell. I loaned these pictures to Susan Boice for her history research. She was the most eccentric of ladies. Well educated, I have her college class ring from the year of 1894 as well as a few other items. The family names associated to Kimball are Underhill, Merrill and Phillips. There was so much history in her house when we cleaned it out in 1975. Lucy was born in the original kitchen of the 1640 Hart House.”

Photograph of the Hart House taken in March,1886 by Edward Darling, from the collection of William J.Barton. Mr. Barton identified the three people in the photo,
Photograph of the “1640 Hart House” on Linebrook Rd., taken in March, 1886 by Edward Darling, from the collection of William J.Barton. Mr. Barton identified the three people in the photo (right to left): “All I knew well: Mr. Philip Lord Kimball, born October 22, 1839; Miss Lucy Ardell Kimball, born June 24, 1875; and Mrs. Kate Smith (Merrill) Kimball, born March 26, 1842.

2 thoughts on “Lucy Kimball”

  1. My name is Chris Robinson. I grew up on Kimball Ave in the 1970’s. I remember a Ms. Kimball living in the home opposite the Hart house, on the corner of Kimball and Linebrook. I remember stopping in to see if she needed and help with yard work or shoveling in winter. She was always such a pleasant woman to talk to. I had alway remembered hearing that she was a teacher and that she had never married. She was clearly in her later years in the mid 70’s, although I do not know her age at that time. Is this the same Lucy Kimball this story is about?

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