Historic photo of the Ipswich RiverIpswich River

A stroll down Water Street

Join Paul Valcour and Gordon Harris for a walk along the Ipswich River from the Green St. Bridge to the town wharf. In this episode, Paul and Gordon discuss Water Street’s rich history while looking through priceless photographs of the past and comparing them to present day Ipswich.

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  1. Benjamin Ellsworth was my great-great-great grandfather! Thomas Foulds Ellsworth was an uncle. My grandmother, who was married to Elliott Peatfield, claimed that Elliott had the letter from President Lincoln appointing him keeper of the Ipswich light, but it was lost in a fire in 1921. His wife, Grace (Smith), was living at the Peabody Inn in Atkinson, New Hampshire. I believe Elliott was working in a lumber camp in West Philomath, Oregon, at the time. Ralph George (Sadie (Woodman) Hale’s son) was living there with another child called Leon Ouellette. They were playing with matches, and everybody was lucky to get out. But the inn and all the contents were lost. I can’t prove she or Elliott were in possession of the letter. I’d be thrilled to find out it still existed!

  2. Excellent description of Water Street now and back then…I’m still amazed by the size of the boats tied-up to what now might be town wharf.
    Dr. David Lebowitz
    Water Street, Ipswich

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