A good year for history

2020 may have been lousy, but it was a good year for researching history. Today I took this screenshot of site stats for my blog, the Historic Ipswich website. This year the site had 461,493 page views, with 70,000 more visitors than last year.

John Fiske’s article, Painting your historic house, a guide to colors and color schemes was the most popular, with 31,000 views this year and a total of 59,000 views since he published it a couple of years ago. The second most popular page was Settlers and early inhabitants of Ipswich which reflects how important Ipswich is for genealogy enthusiasts. The site also hosts the Ipswich Visitor Center page, which received 5786 views.

The Historic Ipswich site increased in size to 1,378 pages and posts. Our Historic Ipswich Facebook group also grew, to 1387 members. (The official page of the Ipswich Historical Commission is at but no stats are available).

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  1. Congratulations Gordon. This page is a gem, and glad that its going even more viral than COVID! (You have move views than the US had cases in 2020!)

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Thanks for all you share. You have been the answer to more than one of my prayers over the years when I am researching the Adams, Boutelle and Pope families among others. Not always able to find the right connection on my own I usually find it in your amazing articles. Thank you so very much

  3. Thanks so much for all your work. Most of my early settlers spent only a winter in Ipswich before moving onto Newbury with the exception of the Appletons. I’ve never been a true resident of Ipswich but have much time, mostly summer, in the town and love having this blog to expand my knowledge of the town.

  4. Gordon
    You work so hard to provide us w wonderful history, incredible entertainment and living Ipswich history.
    Happy new year
    Don Curiale

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